Forecast Discussion

Forecast valid from 11/12/2018 to 12/12/2018

Departamento Meteorologico Aruba


In the northwest Caribbean, a cold front extends from central
Cuba near 22N79W to 20N84W. The front continues as stationary
from that point to 16N88W. A surface trough is located ahead of
the front from the central Bahamas to 21N78W to 16N81W. Scattered
showers are noted near the SW end of the front in the Gulf of
Honduras from 15N-18N between 86W-88W. Isolated showers are near
the trough between Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and northward
to eastern Cuba. Subsidence and dry air cover the eastern and
central Caribbean east of 77W.

Fresh to strong trade winds will prevail in the S central
Caribbean through Saturday night, pulsing to near gale off
the coast of Colombia at night. The front from central Cuba
to southern Belize will reach from near the Windward Passage
to eastern Honduras by Tuesday night where it will stall and
dissipate through Thursday. Fresh to strong winds will prevail
behind the front through early Wednesday. Another cold front
will enter the NW Caribbean Friday afternoon, dissipating
over the NW Caribbean through Saturday night.

Next update will be issued 12/12/2018